Social Insurance Network = Insurance 2.0


While I was in Lindzonpalooze, I came across a very cool startup called giveforward, and its founder Ethans Austin , the concept of GiveForward is amazing, raise money for your medical expenses through friends and family over the internet.

Now getting funds for medical expenses is something that should be handled by insurance, but unfortunately in a lot of cases insurance doesn’t cover everything, and then you have people in NEED.
Specifically in the US the healthcare system seems to be in need of disruption, I heard people paying anywhere from $2-36K a year for health insurance, and you can read all about Health_care_in_the_United_States .

So what if instead for paying for insurance, you were a part of a social insurance network, donating every month $20-200 that go to help real people in need, and in return whenever you are in need, you get the network to donate you your medical expenses. Its simply a P2P insurance company, getting secondary insurance from a 3rd party to promise minimal coverage.

I would much rather donate to real people every month rather than paying to an insurance company, what about you ?

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