Why (most) entrepreneurs don’t have college degrees and (some) blonde women are dumb

Simply put: Most entrepreneurs don’t need one. If you’ve ever had a really good-looking girl in your high school, you probably noticed that she can say the dumbest things in the world, and yet no one would correct her. Men would simply stare at her ‘eyes’, and women would giggle. While regular, average looking people get corrected, […]

The thin line between business and economics

A couple of years ago, I’ve heard a very interesting discussion between a rich business man and an economics professor. It went something like this :Biz man : I have a question regarding my business planProf : Sure, I can help you with the economics Prof : But the economics of the model don’t workBiz man […]

LindzonPalooza – Techcrunch disrupt meets Burning Man

Better late than never. I Came back last week from my second LindzonPalooza, a yearly event setup by the lovely and crazy Howard Lindzon, founder and CEO of Stocktwits, Hedge/Startup fund Social leverage and off course a beloved advisor and investor in eToro.What is LindzonPalooza ? Its a 2 day hangout in San Diego with Howard’s friends, […]

Social Insurance Network = Insurance 2.0

While I was in Lindzonpalooze, I came across a very cool startup called giveforward, and its founder Ethans Austin , the concept of GiveForward is amazing, raise money for your medical expenses through friends and family over the internet. Now getting funds for medical expenses is something that should be handled by insurance, but unfortunately […]