Google buys Mastercard – Renames it GoogleCard

Well, not really, or at least not yet. But wouldn’t it be cool if you could pay for stuff with your Google account already ? If for every purchase you made, you could get points back in your Google account and then buy stuff online with them, without spending real money. This reminded me of great times, when AOL […]

Books, Avogadro, Brad Feld and science fiction

I am just sitting in an airport in Poland, on my way to Italy, and thinking about a book I just finished reading called Avogadro Corp, its about a pseudo Google like company, which by accident invents a “Terminator” style AI, scary. My favorite part of traveling is its my main time reading books, its […]

When your CEO offers you a day off work, Its time to wake up..

What a cool experience ! I wrote a blog post about creativity and it was posted on out company’s site : Lior Hakim When your CEO offers you a day off work, Its time to wake up.. Spread The Wealth: eToro – be all you can be “,”type”:22}” name=”like” style=”background-attachment: initial; background-clip: initial; background-color: initial; background-image: none; […]

eToro – Be All You Can Be

In one of my conversations with Lior Hakim, an eTorian who recently moved to Berlin, we talked about how hard it is to inspire and motivate your employees all the time, and he told me something that suddenly made a difference: “We helped their dreams come true”. We should always seek how to help our […]

Social Finance, and Thomas Edison

I believe Finance can become better .I believe Finance should help anyone achieve his dreams and make the world a better place .I believe in Social Finance . In Social Finance, all members can get Social dividend (or Social Credits) to their account based on their contribution to the society.Social finance can apply to any type of financial transaction : trading, investing, […]