Books, Avogadro, Brad Feld and science fiction


I am just sitting in an airport in Poland, on my way to Italy, and thinking about a book I just finished reading called Avogadro Corp, its about a pseudo Google like company, which by accident invents a “Terminator” style AI, scary.

My favorite part of traveling is its my main time reading books, its the only time I have start and finish a book in a day or two, and at least for me the only way to finish a book. 
So since I’m supposed to board in 2 minutes, I’ll bullet point my points :

  • The reason I bought the book was Brad Feld post book Avogadro Corp, you can simply read his post, its better than me writing about it
  • It is awesome that I read a book, and enjoyed it because I read it on someone’s blog, so I will start posting short blog posts on more books I read and Enjoy (and use my affiliate account in Amazon :))
  • Reading Science fiction is really important for anyone who wants to Challenge of the Future, the link is to an amazing course by Peter Thiel (which requires another post)

Have to run to the gate

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