The similarities between Tony Soprano and Facebook Feed


They are both great features.
The Sopranos must be one of the best TV Series ever made, it also started (some other great series before that like The Simpsons) a trend of really high quality, deep characters that evolve with time series.
Facebook is a great platform, with time it gets better, it evolves with its customers as well, I used to use Facebook less, I now use it more.
So both TV series (or products) and internet products are getting really really better, what i realized is it is the same trend that is making them better, and its the same trend.
Both TV Series and internet products are measured by ratings/active users, the more people watch a TV it will be able to get more (ad) revenues, the more users use a product it will generate more (ad) revenues, so why are they getting better now ?
I think they were always getting better, its in comparison to Movies that TV is getting better, and compared to non internet products that internet products are getting better, and that’s since the product evolves with each user, and then its gets more users and the channels to get more users is mostly dynamic revenues Vs. fixed distribution channels .
The dynamic revenues model Vs fixed revenues model, i.e – Paying nce for software and paying once to see a movie Vs using a software for free and seeing ads (or any SAS model) seeing a TV series (pay per view or ads) . In a dynamic revenue model you must constantly improve your product for your users, since barriers to replace products/series are easy, you need to create emotional attachment of your features/characters to your audience, you need to kill characters that your audience doesn’t like,  and you need to make sure the viral coefficient of your users increases in time .
I always wanted as a second career to go into movies, realizing how similar developing cool products and TV Series is, I’ll keep my day job :) 

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