Why The Future Of Money Is In Japan

It’s morning and I’m drinking Miso and eating Dim Sum. Must mean I’m in Japan. I arrived in the beginning of the week to Osaka, where the largest banking event called Sibos was taking place. It  is organized by SWIFT, a cooperative of 8000 banks in charge of most money flow in the world. 5000 suited bankers came from […]

The Challenge of the Future, eToro Class 1 of Peter Thiel’s “Last Course You Will Ever Take”

In one of my previous blog posts, I wrote about Peter Thiel‘s “Last Course You Will Ever Take”, after which I actually opened the course and had 40 people from eToro sign up. We began with 20 students, and we’re committed to begin the next course early next year. I opened a shared presentation and shared notes for the course, […]