Accelerate your dreams. Micro VC’s, Accelerators and your dreams

I am fascinated by the trend of micro VC’s and acceleration, In general I am a big fan of the VC concept in general, in vesting in visionary growth and in entrepreneurs is obviously something I believe in.
In the mgmt2.0 post I said anyone can be a manager, this statements was highly criticized, so I will elaborate, while people assume manager has something to do with managing people, while I believe anybody with a domain responsibility is in fact managing that domain and therefore is a manger.
Now to the point, I believe anyone can be an  entrepreneur, when I mean that, I use a broad form, if you can innovate and start a project from A-Z in your work place you are an entrepreneur in my dictionary, that is the core essence of innovation management. Financing entrepreneur  that want to help make the world a better place (which is most of visionary young  entrepreneur )  can be considered at least in some part charity, since  the value to society whether this works on not, is providing people with a chance to change the world for the better.
That’s why I like great investors, like Spark , BRM  @GuyGamzu and our investors, they invest in a dream, which they see can be bigger than most people can imagine and they help us make that dream a reality. Some of them invested in eToro when it was an idea, a presentation and now they see its the largest investment network in the world, how AWESOME is that ?
So what are micro VC’s doing ? what are these accelerators accelerating ?
They are accelerating idea’s forming into products ! They help MORE people to raise initial funds to try and make their dreams come true, and in the worst case they lost 25K, and the entrepreneurs gained an amazing experience, and companies lead by entrepreneur will always appreciate that experience probably more than any MBA or degree on the resume.
Why is it accelerating ? because instead of one start up with 500K, you suddenly have 20, each raised 25K, this trend did not change the amount of investors in later stages, it simply created better and more qualified (and maybe bit more expensive) deal flow.
So if you have time, an idea and the ability to cheaply execute it do it, succeed and good luck, or fail and become an EIR somewhere, you can read more about this trend here
Here are 50 Accelerators in Europe

“Predicting the future of the Internet is easy: anything it hasn’t yet dramatically transformed, it will.  People, companies, investors and even countries can’t stop this transformation. The only choice you have is whether you join the side of innovation and progress or you don’t.” Chris Dixon (from here )

There are allready ranking to accelerators which make me wonder whether this is a new form of education, where instead of you paying tuition, you get paid to start your idea there .
Instead of university, find an idea, find partners, raise 25K in an accelerator, if you make it – Great !

If not, send us your CV to

PS – when you grow up would you want to make your dreams come true ? accelericity 🙂

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