BOOM – We Won Finovate Best of Show for the 4th Time in a Row. Thank You Very Much!

We are on our way back from NYC after winning Finovate best of show a 4th time in a row. Finovate is awesome, but I guess anyone winning four times would think it’s awesome.

I think it’s awesome because it’s driving an entire industry to f***ing innovate. Hats off to Eric and Jim (and all the rest) for making it happen, and for giving us an opportunity to rise above ourselves and surprise not only the audience at Finovate, but ourselves.

The first time I saw the release product we launched was on stage. I learned about what we were going to present only days before leaving for London, and a month before the show we didn’t even know what we are going to present. That’s what innovation is all about, letting people surprise you. It’s not about telling people what to do, but letting them show what needs to be done.

Every finovate we are making sure to have fun, last finovate I left the stage after 60 seconds shouting (the video)“BOOM – thank you very much”, and yesterday.we go the line of the day :
Billy Robins @WARobins #Finovate @eToro “you have a gift card under your chair … No, we’re not Oprah.” line of the day + great demo

We are on the verge of the next web. Very few people realize what web 3.0 is going to be about financial innovation. It will be consumer oriented social and global and it’s already awesome. It’s not about payments or PFMs any more than Google is about advertising. It’s about a new type of companies which constantly innovates, changing the rules again and again and refusing to adhere to traditional rules of business.

Simply f***ing innovate. That’s how you disrupt and scale.

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