Great 2013! Now onto 2014…

 I wanted to take the time to reflect on what has been a  truely revolutionary year 2013. I don’t think anyone, including myself, had dared to imagine what a year of change it would be for all of us. At eToro we launched some exciting features; the eToro OpenBook for mobile devices (both IOS and […]

The Bitcoin Act – Legistlation of Bitcoin and Promoting Global Digital Finance

“Financial regulators can’t regulate consumer behaviour” brett king As part of the emergence of bitcoin and digital finance, there are a lot of questions regarding the legality of bitcoin and its derivative projects. One of the main hurdles in financial innovation has always been legistlation and regulation, while regulators have the to keep the best […]

The Future of Money: Intro to Bitcoin

A revolutionary new approach to money is in place: Bitcoin, a virtual currency.  Started in 2009, the Bitcoin currency is not regulated by any central authority; instead it is run as an open-source network of peers, meaning it cannot be manipulated by government.  The Economist published a thorough report in June 2011 explaining exactly how Bitcoin operates, […]