– The Open Legal Site to Help Legalise Digital Finance

As part of the emergence of bitcoin and digital finance, there are a lot of questions regarding the legality of bitcoin in general, and its derivative projects.

I propose an open source source project: to build a website that is dedicated to solving all the legal issues of bitcoin and digital finance. The website will invite law firms to publish their articles or written advice on the subject, and allow users to pay with bitcoin to get specific legal advice (or get it free of charge).

The main theme is OPENNESS. If a user pays for legal advice, it is then shared with the entire community for free, where other members can donate to both the user who paid and to the law firm that provided the advice.

Think of a database containing hundreds of legal letters assuring bitcoin business is legit and legal opinions on tax handling issues of bitcoin. These databases should be open to questions from either the person requesting the advice, or the law firm providing it.

The Holy Grail of this project should be to sponsor the BIG projects of passing legislature around the world, protecting the holders of bitcoin and making it official, like the bitcoin act.

So, here is the website on (since they accept bitcoin as payments), and I would love to contribute some bitcoin to setup a website, to allow people from all around the world to access the largest free library of legal documents supporting bitcoin.

PS – if Matt or anyone from Automatic reads this we would love to be sponsored by WordPress if you are looking to spend your bitcoins 😉

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