Books, Avogadro, Brad Feld and science fiction

I am just sitting in an airport in Poland, on my way to Italy, and thinking about a book I just finished reading called Avogadro Corp, its about a pseudo Google like company, which by accident invents a “Terminator” style AI, scary. My favorite part of traveling is its my main time reading books, its […]

When your CEO offers you a day off work, Its time to wake up..

What a cool experience ! I wrote a blog post about creativity and it was posted on out company’s site : Lior Hakim When your CEO offers you a day off work, Its time to wake up.. Spread The Wealth: eToro – be all you can be “,”type”:22}” name=”like” style=”background-attachment: initial; background-clip: initial; background-color: initial; background-image: none; […]

Social Finance, and Thomas Edison

I believe Finance can become better .I believe Finance should help anyone achieve his dreams and make the world a better place .I believe in Social Finance . In Social Finance, all members can get Social dividend (or Social Credits) to their account based on their contribution to the society.Social finance can apply to any type of financial transaction : trading, investing, […]

The thin line between business and economics

A couple of years ago, I’ve heard a very interesting discussion between a rich business man and an economics professor. It went something like this :Biz man : I have a question regarding my business planProf : Sure, I can help you with the economics Prof : But the economics of the model don’t workBiz man […]