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In one of my conversations with Lior Hakim, an eTorian who recently moved to Berlin, we talked about how hard it is to inspire and motivate your employees all the time, and he told me something that suddenly made a difference: “We helped their dreams come true”. We should always seek how to help our employees’ dreams come true.

As a founder, what I really want is to make our dream (vision) come true. As a manager, I want to work with people who make their dreams come true, people who are passionate about what they want. It’s about letting our users be all they can be, and it’s about all of us being all we can be.

After our discussion, Lior wrote what he thought we should do to help everyone make their dreams come true:

Complete spontaneity is the best energy for creativity. Go from office to office and tell everyone to grab 2 sheets of paper and a pen and meet outside at the park across the street. Teach everyone how to fold a paper airplane with one sheet of paper. Then explain: I want to feel your passion. I want to work with passionate people that are making dreams come true. We always say we are the largest Investment network. The best Investment is not valued by returns, but by having someone invest back in you.


I’m passionate about making people be all they can be. That’s what eToro is about. If you see this as just a work place then we are doing something wrong. We are creating a new culture; in the future people will invest in each other to help them meet their passions and realize their dreams. Our success is the amount of dreams and passions one can bring closer to reality. Everyone has to share a dream or a passion. That’s the best way to make a dream come true. If you say you don’t have one, I don’t believe you. Open your heart. Every time you meet or work with someone you first have to know what he is passionate about. As yourself what his dream is and trust in its potential of coming true. If you think of a way to advance this process let others know. How come we don’t have a band? A basketball team? A dance group? This is important to us. Take the day off, clear your daily tasks and focus solely on this, and understand how we can make sure this becomes the essence of our culture. 
Each of us has a paper airplane. Take the other sheet of paper and write down your dreams and passions. Now let’s make both of them fly. At least one dream can come true today. Let’s find it.

So who wants to go to the park ?
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