The Internet Revolution – Chapter 2

Someone once told me that if I want to explore an idea “too outrageous for our generation”, I should use culture as opposed to standard communication. He explained that using culture (music, plays, story, movie picture) helps explain an idea even if the people watching it are not ready for it yet.

After watching the movie Avatar I realized that the Good vs. Evil story line is very simple relatable; as such, our story is about the Internet people vs local governments.

The timeline for these proposed events is about 2018, when the main revolution is supposed to begin.

Part 1 is how the creation of the group “Free Internet” (FI), and the first phase of the Internet revolution. I will describe this chapter in a future post.

Chapter 2

In 2018, a Facebook group called “Free Internet” emerged and within 3 month became the largest group on Facebook with over 500 million members . They have all accepted the Free Internet Constitution, and gradually exchanged their savings with numerous virtual currencies that exist in the Facebook ecosystem. They became completely financially independent of their states. At that moment, they all became free men.

Following these weeks’ events, government officials in several small countries realized their governments were just overthrown by the FI movement. The group demanded that every democratic state of which more than 50% of its population take part in the group should adhere to the FI constitution. No government actually expected this to happen. Most governments seem to be sure that this minor-but-extreme Facebook thing will disappear as soon as it came. Some extreme leaders took this very seriously knowing that more than 90% of its people are on Facebook, and called the US government in distress.

US government officials assured the worried countrymen that the US government can stop FI from spreading if they become significant. They did not realize that the Facebook board will shortly explain that it cannot control it anymore, as Facebook users from every corner of the world to host the Facebook group themselves, in order to keep the system from ever failing. By the time they got the Facebook board to shut down the group there were already 80 million US citizens on the group, hosting its data, videos, books and other media. In order to block 80 million users from the Internet, the US constitution would have to be changed.

In the few weeks prior to the revolution, the Internet was filled with speculation about which country will be the first to top 50% of its population. Everybody were surprised when Israel and Palestine were the first countries to Top 50%, thereby declaring peace between the two countries as the FI constitution explains that no two members of the FI can be at war. By the time both the Arab governments and the US government could realize, their own conflict was also over. China was very quick to follow as it understood that they would be the major force of this new world, and the Chinese government sent out newsletters around China to convince people to join the movement.

People started using the virtual currencies to buy services and supplies directly without any use of the states’ currencies. Within 14 weeks, the virtual ecosystem was the largest economy in the world. people could sell anything to anyone, without tax or regulation. Anybody who tried to abuse the system or violate FI was blocked from the system. As every transaction increases the price exchange of the currency, people had to buy virtual currencies just to protect their devaluing state currency and be able to purchase goods. Within 20 weeks, the prices of most goods went down by 75% to anyone using virtual currencies. When people started to realize that buying goods through the FI is cheaper than using any state currency, it was the good dollar rush.

Violence was not used and governments were not to be over thrown by force as the FI constitution does not allow force unless under attack. Most governments simply accepted the fact that their upcoming elections would be held in the FI system, allowing anyone who lives in their jurisdiction to vote. In countries where over 50% of population was a part of FI, an election date was set, and the more sophisticated politicians started their campaigns over the Internet saying they are a part of the FI movement.

In the US, laws already prohibited the use of virtual currencies, making millions of people outlaws. Thousands of banks around the world started going bankrupt, since they could not stand the run caused by the good dollar rush. The more sophisticated banks immediately approached FI for good dollar credits, transferring trillions of dollars to the FI just to avoid bankruptcy.

To be continued.


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