@WhatsApp @Facebook App spam/scam, who the hell runs this crap, and why doesn’t WhatsApp actually do it?

My Facebook stream just got spammed by dozens of friends offering me in some way or another to click the WhatsApp Facebook app link:

It seems they have 2 different messages, send you a request, and share 3 pics with you. Apparently a very appealing concept, my friends keep clicking this one after another. Now I have as well; I clicked 3 times. I admit I even clicked ALLOW meaning I probably sent it to all my friends too, in thinking how awesome a WhatsApp-Facebook App would be.

So if you see this request, DON’T be fooled and press allow, it looks like one big SCAM:

Slot machines and “Flirt with Singles”? Holy crap!

Facebook – Please keep Spam out of my invitations, I like real app offerings, not scams! Also, go to WhatsApp and provide them the data and existing framework, and help them build their own Facebook App.

WhatsApp – Please develop a Facebook version of WhatsApp. Its a great idea, people would start using Facebook as their phonebook, a complete social communication tool. If you make it Facebook will buy you for a BILLION DOLLARS . Think about it, connecting WhatsApp to Facebook will finally create the PROPER modern phonebook of emails + social + phone.

If WhatsApp doesn’t act on this, then I suppose the geniuses that ran the false WhatsApp-on-Facebook campaign will build it first 🙂