eToro wins Red Herring Top 100

I am on my way back after spending 2 amazing days at the Red Herring top 100 event in Amsterdam. Red Herring represents the dot com era, and it seems it’s coming back to lead the new wave of the social era.

Alex Vieux said on stage, “We are at the beginning of the best bull market ever seen,” and after hearing it for the 4th time this month (from bankers mostly), and knowing I am hearing this from people who were very close to the dot com during ’98-’99, I believe there is good ground for this to happen. Alex’s discussions on stage also represent why Red Herring is of high standard. He invited VCs and entrepreneurs to the stage, and asked the hard questions: “What do you regret?”, “Why is it bad to raise money?”, “When did you fail?”. He doesn’t let anyone calmly sit in their chair for more than a minute.

The return of Red Herring is a great symbol of the era that’s about to start, and that is also why I am so proud to be a winner of the Red Herring Top 100 Europe.

When you look at the Top 100 Europe, you find something quite amazing: a lot of companies with revenues of 50-100M  that started in the past 7 years. Being in such a group of accomplished companies makes me proud we made the cut. The fact that until 5 minutes ago I didn’t know if we are going to win made the feeling of winning much better. Seems that risk alone can create a feeling of reward. When something is certain it can’t be exciting as when something is uncertain, that’s an important fact to remember. Winning is fun only when you don’t know for certain you are going to win, and just like in trading, the higher the risk (of losing), the higher the reward. Great Job everyone at @etoro!
(Sent front a plane in Amsterdam)
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