Currency Wars and Zeitgeist

It’s been 2 years from my first post, and probably 3 years after i realized that there is a significantly better economic framework that would solve all of the efficiencies and sickness of the current one, and over the past 3 years it has been become apparent that we are, as quoted from the trailer […]

The importance of financial transparency

The the latest developments of the World Financial Crisis, including the debt of greece and ongoing development in the involvement of Goldman Sachs in the CDO break, has raised the issue of additional regulation, our view is that the only regulation needed is transparency. The importance of transparency is due to the nature of financial […]

Good Dollar – The Visible Hand

The new currency Good Dollar is the basis of a new economic framework, the main difference between this currency and all other currencies are : Direct ownership connection between the entities and the currency (transparent money) Decreasing interest rates on larger deposits (Good Value or Good interest rates) The first is actually the creation of […]