Inventing an easy way to make money

Ever since I remember myself I tried to make money. When I was 12 I took my brother’s D&D miniature figures (he used to buy them and paint them) and sell them to my friends at school. At 13 I got the material cost issue and simply took his paintings and copied them and sold copies. At 14, I […]

Management 2.0 – My thoughts

As a young CEO of an Internet company, it seems there are many flaws in how the word ‘management’ is perceived by most people. Older people seem to think management is about organization and order, about tasks that must be defined and executed accurately, about wrong perception of hierarchy and that long detailed planning will help with improving quality.  When the […]

Birthday – What Is It Good For?

It is really good for pondering about last year and setting goals for next year.In this Birthday rant, I picked up my first 31st Bday resolution : Write As If You Have No Fear I’ll start writing until people stop reading, I’ll talk about life, work (most of my life right no), family (Mor and Adam), […]

Purpose of a generic organization and state

A lot of companies today are searching for their purpose, they search for purpose because as work becomes more sophisticated and people become more skilled, people want a purpose. So it only makes sense for governments or states to have a purpose as well. It is important to understand that every organization has an generic […]

The Internet Revolution – Chapter 2

Someone once told me that if I want to explore an idea “too outrageous for our generation”, I should use culture as opposed to standard communication. He explained that using culture (music, plays, story, movie picture) helps explain an idea even if the people watching it are not ready for it yet. After watching the movie Avatar […]