Good Dollar Followers – Social Entrepreneurs

This is an invitation to everybody reading my blog, to participate in the initiative to create a better world thorough a new economy.
After 2 posts, I believe people can understand the scale of this concept to replace the existing economic framework.
Our community of followers will establish the the concept on the Internet with a wide discussion to prove that the framework is practical and complete.
The followers are Good Genius People :
  • Good – we are trying to change the world for the greater good
  • Genius – as impossible as it seems, we believe that we can create this change.

Social entrepreneurship is necessary to build this framework. We need to believe that if the framework will be completed then any future business entrepreneurship that will use the Good Dollar will also inherently be a social entrepreneurship (since the base of the creative economy is social).

We have just started to interest people in the Good Dollar Vision. Anybody willing to contribute to our initiative is welcome.

We believe that once the Good Dollar is established, the rate of new followers will eventually turn exponential :

  • An Internet community – to develop the framework and community and to contribute to completing the new economic framework and attract more followers.
  • The Academia – after reaching several known economists, we hope that an academic framework will complete the initial establishment of the Good Dollar.
  • Wealthy Social entrepreneurs will join to help fund the establishment of the philanthropy bank of the world (for both self and social interest).
  • Partnerships with existing non-profit organization will be formed to accelerate the establishment of the Good Dollar, example for ideal partners are and
  • Once the initial development and funding of the philanthropy bank will be completed, the currency will be available to every individual in the world (through an exchange of existing currencies).
  • The more funding the bank will have the more individuals will receive better interest rates on deposits and debt and also use the Good Dollar.
  • The more individuals and organizations using the Good Dollar, its value will increase in relation to all other currencies.
  • Wealthy Social entrepreneurs who joined at the beginning will be able to impact the current economy more efficiently since their old currency value has been increasing exponentially and they will be able to attract more entities and cooperation to use the Good Dollar.
  • Countries and their central banks witnessing their currencies losing their value will either try to censor/ban the new currency, or will adapt its framework.

The new global creative economy will become the standard, and will change the world for the better.

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