The Virtual Social Network

Experience the impossible. Interact with those that are not around you, experience their experiences. Facebook intends to take sharing to a new level with its 2B USD acquisition of the virtual reality headset company, Oculus. Facebook intends to be at the forefront of a new medium of interaction; virtual reality. Its acquisition is symbolic. Facebook embodies […]

The evolution of the social web

The evolution of the social web over the past 24 months has been fascinating. We are kind of witnessing a social revolution within the social revolution. Social web 2.0. It looks like the world went perhaps too open too quickly and we have seen a revolt. Many young teenagers shifted their social network activity from […]

Google buys Mastercard – Renames it GoogleCard

Well, not really, or at least not yet. But wouldn’t it be cool if you could pay for stuff with your Google account already ? If for every purchase you made, you could get points back in your Google account and then buy stuff online with them, without spending real money. This reminded me of great times, when AOL […]