Google buys Mastercard – Renames it GoogleCard

Well, not really, or at least not yet. 
But wouldn’t it be cool if you could pay for stuff with your Google account already ? If for every purchase you made, you could get points back in your Google account and then buy stuff online with them, without spending real money.

This reminded me of great times, when AOL and Time Warner announced their merger “On Jan. 10, 2000, the Internet service company AOL and the media giant Time Warner announced that AOL would buy Time Warner for more than $160 billion in the largest merger in corporate history.” $166 BILLION DOLLARS paid by an internet company.

So when I think of the Social Boom coming, I think that Google PE ratio should go up, and up, till its closer to Linkedin and Facebook, and that should allow them, just like AOL at the time to make some interesting M&A’s, making the Motorola deal look like a small deal. 

Facebook IPO happened yesterday, and for a lot of people, it was the first time they looked at a stock and waited for it to move, it was the most hyped IPO in history, and we will see how it impact the industry in the next couple of weeks. If the price (and PE of 120) holds and even goes up, we are going to a bull market, since Google (and others) PE should gradually pick up, If not, we will need to wait for them to sell their share on Facebook .

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