The Challenge of the Future, eToro Class 1 of Peter Thiel’s “Last Course You Will Ever Take”

In one of my previous blog posts, I wrote about Peter Thiel‘s “Last Course You Will Ever Take”, after which I actually opened the course and had 40 people from eToro sign up. We began with 20 students, and we’re committed to begin the next course early next year. I opened a shared presentation and shared notes for the course, […]

eToro – Be All You Can Be

In one of my conversations with Lior Hakim, an eTorian who recently moved to Berlin, we talked about how hard it is to inspire and motivate your employees all the time, and he told me something that suddenly made a difference: “We helped their dreams come true”. We should always seek how to help our […]

Why (most) entrepreneurs don’t have college degrees and (some) blonde women are dumb

Simply put: Most entrepreneurs don’t need one. If you’ve ever had a really good-looking girl in your high school, you probably noticed that she can say the dumbest things in the world, and yet no one would correct her. Men would simply stare at her ‘eyes’, and women would giggle. While regular, average looking people get corrected, […]