I am indirect communication challenged, I simply don’t get what people don’t say, why should I? say it damn it!

I am a direct person. I always knew I was very direct, for some it might seem rude or blunt sometimes, but I simply say what’s on my mind.
What I learned during the last year is I simply do not understand indirect communication, I really need people to tell me what they want, and when they try it with an indirect approach, it simply forces me to ask: “did you mean XYZ”? and although the answer is YES they never answer.

I read a great quote :
No matter how much we read about indirect communication, it is virtually impossible for a direct person to fully understand the complexity of indirectness until we’ve been immersed in it.

In this article it is implied that indirect communication is better than direct communication, I would claim indirect communication is sort of Fuzzy logic, there is less certainty to the outcome of the conversation, so it allows for people to make assumptions without being told. It also allows Plausible deniability, which is something useful, though I am pretty sure the world would be better without it.

I’ll keep reading, maybe I’ll find some way to build the patience to not only listen to what people say but to interpret what they mean. Until then, if you talk to me, simply say exactly what you mean.

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