Crowd sourcing marketing to affiliates

People assume marketing has constraints, that it should be in a TV Format, or display advertising, or adwords, but the in fact marketing over the internet is pure format, you can build any idea/application which could suddenly millions of active viewers.

Marketing is no longer a position that you fill at a company.  Marketing is not a television commercial or a radio advertisement.  Marketing is not a piece of collateral you send off to reporters, bloggers, or journalists.  Marketing is everything you do and every interaction you are involved in. from everything-you-do-is-marketing/

We believe that people out there can do a better job marketing us than we can ever dream of, we built for them an eco-system to shout that they love us, and incentivize them to bring their friends to try our service.  
Incentive’s is not a bad word, we offer people a transition from the past into the future but most people are afraid of change so we help them with
incentive’s to help us 🙂

Marketing has always been about creativity, that’s where the mad man got their fame, and until today the most important part of a “classic” marketing campaign is its creativity. The risk was that you will spend a lot of money trying to market a concept, but it will not work , what’s really cool with eToro Partners (you can be a partner too), is that they can all innovate in their own way, they can invent a way to market eToro, wrap it in an internet product or website, and simply see how it works.

I’ve met numerous affiliates, and most of them are real startups, people with a concept and good internet execution skills, its simply a better business model for them than ad sense, and for us a more customized marketeer than simply a site with ads.

I’m always excited to see what great affiliates can do, I just wish they would work exclusively for us, then possibly they would be more focused and have better campaigns.

Fred Wilson on Marketing, is a great thread that created a lot of buzz and a first comment from Seth Godin (the marketing guru), but what if another startup product is our marketing ? aren’t we supporting them just like a VC would ?

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