why being workaholic is good for you ?

It’s 4:00 AM. I just woke up, read 10 emails and decided to write this blog post. My name is Yoni Assia and I am a workaholic.

I work 24/7. When I sleep I usually dream of work. I send 100-200 emails a day and get 100-300 back. When on vacation, I’m with my laptop/smartphone emailing. During my honeymoon I got 1 hour a day off to work. I talk to my one year old son about work on our Saturday bike ride. You get the point.



So why is the web against it ? Just read a couple of articles on workaholics; the first couple of pages are quite depressing. Wikipedia defines a Workaholic as “a person who is addicted to work. The term generally implies that the person enjoys their work; it can also imply that they simply feel compelled to do it. There is no generally accepted medical definition of such a condition, although some forms of stress, obsessive-compulsive personality disorder and obsessive-compulsive disorder can be work-related.

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I decided to check if I’m a workaholic and which kind of workaholic I am. It seems my ADHD has something to do with it as well, and that I am an ADHD workaholic. I think that entrepreneurs must be workaholics (of the good, efficient kind). I guess the people who fall under the Adizes definition of classic E type are probably all workaholics, so why fight it? Why call it a disease? Workaholics have extra 8 hour a day to think and to work! Hell, Jack Dorsey does 8 hours a day at Twitter and 8 at Square .

I am not saying anyone working with me must be a workaholic, I’ve seen how that get blown out of proportion when Jason Calanicis said (and later crossed out) :

Fire people who are not workaholics don’t love their work… come on folks, this is startup life, it’s not a game. Don’t work at a startup if you’re not into it–go work at the post office or stabucks if you’re not into it, if you want balance in your life. For realz.

So why do I insist being a workaholic is good for you ? Because it means you love what you do, and do what you love.

If you know you are a workaholic, and you feel that everybody is telling you it’s NOT OK, and that you need to fix it , then you can register at my workaholic shelter, where we will provide endless work and always accept you as who you are, so don’t feel alone, register today at workaholics.us. Yes, creating this post at 5:30 is due to workaholism.

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