How simply complicated the world is, I just setup a Facebook app, WordPress plugins, 301 redirects from blogger and IFTTT to publish this post

Tada ! I moved my blog from Blogger to WordPress. Wanted to do that for a while, but it took its time, mainly because I’m  busy, but also because its not so trivial.

I had to move my blog from Blogger to my Son website (AdamAssia,com), then import the data into WordPress, then fix the godaddy DNS/forwarding, then fix the WordPress installation URL which included ticket to Godaddy support, then get a theme for wordpress, download several plugins for sharing … I am still in transition mode.

I managed to learn about cool WordPress Plugins, and a service called and even setup my first Facebook app (that’s how you setup Facebook comments to your blog), connect it to my IFTTT – which is an awesome start up which allows you to connect all your internet apps (gmail, dropbox, facebok, linkedin, twitter) and create logical  commands between them (i.e – whenever I twit, send my mom an email, and share it on my linkedin), I had to edit .HTAccess file on my Linux hosting so my old blog links will direct to the new ones and so on …

Bottom line it made me feel technical again, which is always fun (for people like me), its fun to build and connect stuff on your own over the internet, next phase is learning Jango and setting up a github project.

The sad part is, most people I know have no chance of going through all this just to setup a damn blog, no wonder tumblr and its rivals grew so fast, its just so much simpler. The internet is still too complicated, its getting better, but its still not simple to make things happen. I hope eventually doing stuff on the net, will be as simple as twitting “can someone do XYZ for a couple of bucks” and simply have people help you get shit done, like just buy side, not sell side .

Now I have a new blog, and I will continue blogging, figuring how to convey my first class of Startup I started teaching this week.

“Its amazing to figure out how the simplest things are so complex, and the most complex things are so simple”

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I am indirect communication challenged, I simply don't get what people don't say, why should I? say it damn it!

I am indirect communication challenged, I simply don't get what people don't say, why should I? say it damn it!