Why I Won’t Stop Blogging Any Time Soon

So far, a month after my birthday, I am still consistently writing at least one post a week. I have also noticed that the traffic on the site is jumping to a record of 520 views a day on my early posts, and then going to 250 views a day on my latest posts, and my daily average has increased to 40 views when I am not writing.

I wonder if this means that my earlier posts were better, or that people simply gave me credit before reading 2-3 posts, or that people now check my blog regularly so I have less spikes in traffic.

So instead of giving up, just like I’m used to, I’ll set higher targets and grow it with force. The blog had 4000 views in March, and I hope to reach 8000 in April, and if I do I’ll start being really aggressive (I’ll add nude pictures if needed).
It’s interesting to note that one month after I started, 90% of the traffic to the site is coming from social,  with Facebook at #1 Twitter at #2 and Linkedin at #3.

So I’ll blog more often, posts made of short thoughts like this one, and will urge people to comment on my blog. Hey, if you read this, drop a comment. I’ve integrated Facebook comments, as well.

And Maybe one day, I’ll be lucky enough to be featured ass one of 25 CEO blogs every Biz student should read. Maybe I should target business schools in 3rd world countries :).

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