The best product ever inventned – MONEY (and about Currency 2.x)

Why is MONEY the best product ever made ? Its a data driven conclusion
Today, the most important KPI for an internet companies are simply the number of active users (facebook 800M etc’), as long as that number is growing the product is doing well. 
(Other KPI’s can be you have cohorts of active users, seperation of aquisition (and costs), retention and ARPU/LTV, etc’ etc’ , these are relevant only for business and not to generic products) .

Dealing with number of active users lead me to think what are the greatest inventions if we measure them by the number of active users today, and to get the best products of all times you need to muliply that by the number of years users using it.

After deducting nature inventions (otherwise electricity might take over), and thinking if mentioning God is an active user of the bible (cause then the bible/religion gave a good fight) , I came to a conclusion that MONEY is the best product of all times. First its a actual product, it is tangible, since invented it has taken different forms (like computers, or cell phones) but still you can easily say what is money and how it can be used (buy stuff mostly, pay people) . 

Out of the general population, It is by far the most used product, and used regularly by most people, it is today almost completely virtual, and people perceive it almost as they perceive science or religion, it is how things work, you pay to get X, you prey to get Y.

So why not simply re-invent money, build a smarter money, cheaper, faster more engaging , built it like a modern product , a web 2.0 product, that would be the start of the irrational period. Re-inventing  money on the web, will probably be the biggest product on the web too. (currency 2.x)  

If you don’t believe me, believe Fred
Fred Wilson on bitcoin


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